Medically Compromised Patients

Dr. Stein, Dr. Caruso and Dr. Levarek routinely care for individuals whom are significantly medically compromised (i.e. severe cardiovascular disease, renal dialysis, cancer/chemotherapy etc.). Individuals may suffer from advanced disease of one type or have several organ system disorders. It is not uncommon for these patients to be taking a multitude of medications. To facilitate care it would be beneficial if you brought lists delineating your diagnosis, surgeries, medications, allergies and current physician. On the physician list, please indicate what type of doctor (i.e. internist, cardiologist, oncologist etc.) as well as their telephone numbers. We will communicate with your physician when indicated and coordinate care when necessary. Each patient is different with their own unique needs. Here at Westchester Implant and Oral Surgery, the doctors and staff are aware this often requires extra time and effort in obtaining information, explaining treatment options and in providing actual care. A consultation visit is frequently recommended and is beneficial both to you the patient and us in preparing for the surgical procedure and aftercare. We want to provide you with the highest quality of care whether it be necessary (i.e. infection) or elective (i.e. implants) in nature in a comfortable, compassionate environment with an eye toward the ? not just the mouth.