Phobic Patients

Easing Patient Fears

Walking into our office is no easy task. You are seeing a doctor whom you likely have never met for possibly the first surgical procedure of your life. At Westchester Implant and Oral Surgery group we understand that many patients come into our office with anxiety, fears and phobias. Although it is hard to eliminate all of these feelings we do our best to work hand in hand with you in order to ease those feelings and make the experience as comforting as possible. Our goal is to communicate with the patient and provide the patient with optimal care in a relaxed, pain free manner. The doctors will take the time to discuss your concerns and explain options thoroughly as to maximize comfort. Our staff is selected and further trained to provide the patients with compassionate, friendly and empathetic care. There are numerous approaches to help reduce the amount of anxiety that comes with having your surgical procedure. The consultation visit is most important for patients with high anxiety and fear. This is where you will get to know your doctor and the staff. It is where trust is built and you can become confident in the knowledge that we understand where you are emotionally. We will mutually decide on a plan that will permit not only a successful outcome, but one that will provide for a comfortable if not enjoyable experience. If desired a variety of relaxation medication and anesthetic options exist to address various levels of anxiety and fear to facilitate treatment. We will work together to customize an approach that will work for you. We can also supply you with an I-pod, containing a wide variety of music to choose from to help you relax. Each patient will find that there are different ways to help make your experience a good one. Our goal is to build a relationship with our patients since trust and communication are key concepts in making you feel more at ease during your visit with us.