Osstell ISQ Implant Stability Meter

The Osstell ISQ is a completely objective and accurate method of measuring implant stability. This third generation device in a matter of seconds via Resource Frequency Analysis (RFA), precisely confirms initial placement stability and successful osseointegration (bone-implant bonding). This allows us to determine the optimized time to load your implant and wether immediate or accelerated restoration is possible. Each implant patient and implant site has unique characteristics. Thanks to the accuracy of the Osstell ISQ measurements, your Doctor can make a well informed choice of protocols in a customized fashion. By tracking measurements your Doctor can detect and act on any unexpected development. This makes treatment of complex (medically or bone compromised) cases easier and more predictable. The Osstell ISQ provides a reliable quality assurance system by eliminating the typical guesswork in determining when your implant is ready to go for restoration.